A life insurance is an insurance product that covers and protects you and your loved ones when you are no longer there to provide for them.

Its simplest form, life insurance is a promise between an insurance company and you, the policy owner. If you pay a certain amount of money (premium) to the insurance company, the insurance company will pay a certain amount of money (death benefit) to the person (beneficiary) you tell us to when the person whose life is being insured dies.


There are many types of life insurance. Term insurance only provides a death benefit for a limited period of time. By contrast permanent insurance can provide a death benefit and the potential to build policy cash value that you can access during your lifetime using policy loans and withdrawals

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Life insurance you don’t have to die to use Accelerated Benefits Riders are optional, no-additional cost riders that can allow you to access all or part of your death benefit, while living, if you experience a qualifying terminal, chronic, or critical illness, or critical injury. 

Preneed Funeral Insurance


There are some people who would like to make sure their loved ones are taken care of when they’re gone, but for whatever reason, they can’t obtain traditional life insurance. Fortunately, these people have an option: preneed funeral insurance. This type of insurance typically pays out much less than a typical life insurance policy, but it can help to defray the costs of your final expenses.


Trust Lara & Associates to help you obtain this crucial insurance. No one wants to imagine that their death will cause a financial burden for their loved ones. Plan ahead and pay as much of your final expenses as possible while you still can. Lara & Associates will find a policy that protects you and your loved ones from future expenses while being affordable enough for you now.

We can find a life insurance policy to fit your needs and your budget.


Even if you thought that life insurance was out of your reach, you can still take steps to protect your loved ones’ financial futures.

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